I am searching for the monster
The human figure becomes the monster;
A dark and sinister aspect of humanity.

Fear of the unknown, loneliness and isolation all occur in the mind. So where does the monstrous identity begin? I want to confront the viewer’s understanding and experience of Contemporary Jewellery through creating Surrealist and Absurdist forms. I have been influenced by the subconscious and specifically dreams as well as deep and hidden psychological states.

The concept of ‘the monster’ arose from the historical idea that humans with deformities were considered freaks and took inspiration from “Cabinets of Curiosities”. Through my works, I aim to question; “What is a monster, exactly? Through an Absurdist lens, my work explores how something that appears as an irregularity of the human form can be misunderstood and perceived as unsightly and undesirable, outside of ‘the norm’.

The surreal characters cast in silicon, show the abnormal, the unusual. Silicon is my primary material because it replicates skin-like qualities, especially its transparency and fluidity. My process consists of taking these abnormal forms and then adding and combining additional parts and materials. Through learning the language of a material, a new character and monster form is created.

Once the parts are worn, the wearer takes on the characteristics of the historical, human monster spectacle as if they were a piece in the Cabinet of Curiosity.

Material: Silicon rubber, Stainless steel
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