Youdi (udiii) luo is a designer maker who is inspired by dreams and the sub consciousness as start point to make out a set of interchangeable jewellery. She thinks that human being’s dreams and the sub consciousness are influenced on the real memory, and she feel they are enchanting and mystery. Youdi by records series of her own fantasy dreams and rely on her memory to make out those sets narrative jewellery. She put those interesting stories on her work-tiny little funny heads. She called them Mr. Dream.
She was by using hand-carven in wax and cast to brass for making every Mr. Dreams, wax carving is to make them get different facial expressions. Then she is using the method of screw component to make Mr. Dream be interchangeable. Finally she is use cold enamel paint to draw on Mr. Dream to make them become more theatrical. Also all those Mr. Dreams is placed in the warmed wood box. Youdi want the audience can feel relax from play with those little character; she aims to bring fun into every day.

Material: Brass, Cold enamel paint
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